Welcome to the CARC!

We focus on physical and mental training, along with team building, by taking a group of Cleveland area people and putting them together to take on physical and mental obstacles.​ During our events you will be rucking (backpacking with weight), the weights are based on your own body weight (Under 150 lbs 20 lbs / Over 150 lbs 30 lbs). Along with your weighted ruck, you will be carrying other items as a team and performing weighted and non-weighted exercises.


We also offer a remote training program called Heavy Drop Training for those that can't make it out to our sessions. While doing all of this our main focus is the community which we try to make a better place by running fundraisers and giving back to those who have gave to us, like the military & first responders.


Great training for LIFE and whatever it throws at you or you throw at it!

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